The Pest

Spider mites are a pest that will suck juices from infested leaves resulting in loss of vigor and premature die back. The name “spider mite” comes from the similar to spider like silk webbing they spin. Mites feed on plant cells causing stippling and bleaching on infested foliage.

Prolonged mite feeding can cause yellowing and early drop of foliage. Extensive mite damage can weaken / stress the trees. This prolonged exposure can make them prone to secondary pests and diseases.

Spider mites tend to thrive on water stressed trees/plants. Commonly affected trees are:

  • cypress
  • pine trees
  • carrotwoods
  • crape myrtles
  • oaks
  • corals
  • citrus trees
  • avocados
  • shrubs
Spider Mites

Management & Treatment

Mites can reproduce and increase rapidly during warm weather. Proper water management / cultural practices should be made to provide best possible season long health.

Along with suggested treatments, monitoring 3-4 weeks after application is essential to determine if a second application is needed.

Contact our team with any questions or to schedule a management and treatment plan for your plants and trees via the link below.