Pest Management

Undesired pests, such as Aphids, Psyllids, Scale, Thrips, Whiteflies, etc., can damage not only the appearance of plants and trees but more importantly their overall health. Plants and trees are also susceptible to new and exotic pests that according to Center of Invasive Species ” California acquires new invasive pest at a rate of one new…

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Disease Control

Disease to a plant or tree is usually the result of a bigger underlying issue.A thorough inspection of the plant or trees entire growing environment will help identify what the underlying issues may be. Then a proper disease management plan can be put together to help keep your plants and trees healthy. Have Questions?…

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Nutrient Plans

A well balanced diet is very important to plants and trees. Each plant and tree is unique in its own way, and its diet should be customized to fit their specific needs. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to plant stress, making plant or trees susceptible to pest and/or diseases. Plant, tree, palm and site specific nutrient…

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