Purple Plum Pear Slug Damage APC 2


Pearslug larvae skeletonize newly emerged leaves and remove leaf tissue of the populated leaf. Damaged leaves will prematurely drop, leaving bare limbs during the growing season. The defoliation to trees can cause reduced bloom growth and fruit maturity.

Purple Plum Tree 7

The Pest

Ornamental Purple Plum trees are especially susceptible and commonly attacked by Pearslug larvae (Sawfly) in the late Spring when new growth develops. The sawflies typically lay eggs in the upper portion of the canopies. Pearslug are not true slugs but actual larvae of the sawfly. Once they begin feeding their slimy coating appears black as shown in the picture to the left.

Purple Plum Tree Pear Slug San Diego APC 3


Initial treatments will be timed and made as flowers drop, and new leaves are emerging during (April-May), with a follow up treatment scheduled during Summer.

Along with insecticide treatment, promoting ideal growing conditions is essential for long term plant health. Water, pruning and nutrients can help in management of pearslug control.