Adelgids, similar to aphids, are a species of pests that suck juices from trees damaging their growth. Adelgids produce white cottony tufts on the bark, branches, twigs, needles, or cones of their host trees. They are most commonly seen on Pine trees. High populations of Adelgids can cause yellowing, premature drop of needles, drooping and dieback, and can reduce tree growth.

Extensive pest feeding can further weaken trees by coating the needles to the point that it reduces sunlight penetration. In addition to needle discoloration, premature needle drop may result in increase in tree stress. A weak and stressed Pine can be very susceptible to secondary pests (Bark Beetles) or disease.


Adelgids infestations are often recognizable by the waxy white fibers that appear near the base of needles.

In order to prevent infestations, frequent inspections of trees are recommended.  Ensure your trees are properly watered. High heat, drought or water stress can promote fast reproduction of these pests.

Monitoring for new pest populations throughout Spring to Fall months is recommended. This along with suggested treatments are key to long term tree health.

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