Pine Trees- Bark Beetles

Just spotted in Encinitas, Adult Pine Bark beetle emerging from declining Pine tree.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.04.04 PM

Bark Beetles mine the inner bark of the tree trunk. Bark beetles frequently attack trees weakened by drought, disease, injuries, or other factors that may stress a Pine.

Bark Beetles can contribute to the decline and eventual death of a Pine. After emergence, adults may re-infest the same tree or, in most cases, disperse to attack susceptible trees nearby.

Healthy, more vigorous trees, are less likely to be attacked and are better able to survive attacks from Pine Bark Beetles.

Commonly, once a Pine is attacked by Pine Bark Beetles tree death is nearly certain. If caught early, treatment and proper pruning can be made to help save the Pine. Prevention and acting before beetle attack is key.

A few tips to limiting and preventing Pine Bark Beetle attacks:

  • WATER! Keep mature Pines well watered and irrigated. Building a layer of mulch around the root zone will help reduce evaporation.
  • Limit any pruning or cutting this time of year. Do not introduce a new entry point for Beetles.
  • Reduce as much “stress” as possible. Maintaining and promoting overall Pine health is the best method to prevent future pest attacks.
  • Remove any dead or declining Pine tree as soon as possible.

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If properly timed and applied, insecticidal treatments by a licensed professional can help prevent and control Beetle populations.

  • Bark / basal sprays are an effective way to create a temporary “barrier” on the outer bark of the tree. Common entry points such as the lower and mid trunk, large branches and limbs can be treated to help reduce new Beetle entry points.
  • Systemic micro injections to the lower base of the tree trunk will provide immediate and effective systemic control throughout the entire tree.  Systemic micro injection have proven to prevent and control Beetle and wood-boring pest that feed on the treated tree for upwards of 24 MONTHS!

Injecting Pine with Arbor Jet
















Monitor, monitor, monitor.

Keep a watchful eye on your trees. If there is a sudden change in appearance in your trees or a neighboring tree, call Aguilar Plant Care to help evaluate.


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