Pear Trees- Fireblight Control

Do your pear trees look sick or diseased? Are there blackened leaves or dead branches? If so, it could be Fire Blight.

Fire Blight is a very common bacterial infection that can be readily managed with proper maintenance. Open flowers are the most common infection site and remain susceptible until petal fall. Infection will extend into the twigs and branches, causing small shoots to turn black and wilt. Dead blacked leaves cling to branches throughout the season giving the tree a scorched appearance, hence the name “ Fire Blight”.


Pear tree in the “open flower” stage

Bacterial infection will continue to extend and spread throughout the limbs and into the trunk until   infected wood is physically removed or tree declines.

Along with proper pruning, fire blight is best managed with preventative treatments made during the pear tree’s “open flower” period, prior to blight infections.


Pear tree with fireblight damage